Experts Take the Benefits of Laughter Seriously


My family and I just got back from a cruise to Alaska. What a great time we had! We splurged this year, and instead of getting two cabins for the five of us, we got the penthouse suite! Wow! Talk about being spoiled. I could get used to that :-)All that extra space and the huge deck allowed us all to really relax and recharge our batteries. It was good medicine.I hope you are taking steps to take care of yourself. Perhaps a little spoiling ... [Keep Reading]

Life Lessons from the Garden


I love when Springtime arrives! I've enjoyed watching our trees as they go from the bare branches of Winter to bursting with the lush green leaves of Spring. Our roses, azaleas, and all the other flowers just sweeten the scenery with their wonderful color and beauty. It seems appropriate to share today an article on using the wisdom of the garden to help navigate through life.Life Lessons from the GardenConsider the dandelion. Reviled by ... [Keep Reading]

Overwhelm-Busting Strategies

I've been hearing from so many people about things seeming to be a wee bit crazy these days :-) You may be feeling it too (perhaps you're overwhelmed from busyness, or from worry, or from a challenging situation). I understand...I've been feeling it too. The article below gives us some helpful suggestions for dealing with overwhelm. I hope you'll use some of these strategies! Sometimes we just need to hear a friendly reminder ... [Keep Reading]

Be Inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas


There seems to be much turmoil on the planet these days. I'm sure you sometimes feel that you wish you could do something about it, but you can't imagine what that could be since you are just one person.Well, you are more powerful than you might imagine!Way back in 2002 (the year after 9-11, which was still quite present in our minds and hearts), I created "Imagine: A Peace Project". (It was cracking me up that as I typed my first few ... [Keep Reading]

Gratitude Gift


At this time of year (celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S.) our thoughts turn to being thankful. Today I am feeling thankful for you (so be sure to continue to the end of this post for a gift) and for a couple of my doctors. Yesterday I went for my annual physical. I filled my doctor in on what's been going on this past year and the challenges our family has been through. I admitted that I hoped it had not affected my health too much. I ... [Keep Reading]

Permission to Honor Your Soul


We’re at the end of October and I thought I’d pop by to share a little bit of Angel Love with you. I hope it’s been a good month for you, but if it’s been a challenging one, know that you are loved and supported.I received this message from my angels one day when I was feeling very much like my time was not my own. It feels like this may be a message for many of you too:“You have permission to honor your Soul. Even if it is in small ways. ... [Keep Reading]

Hawks and Eagles and Owls, Oh My!


Summertime is winding down now that our boys are back to school last week and next week.We took a lovely vacation in Scotland, where we had a falconry session, which was so amazing! We each worked with a hawk, two owls, and an eagle. You can watch this (slow motion) video below of one of the gorgeous owls flying to my arm (just click here or on the image). I had also silently let all the birds there know that I'd be so honored to receive ... [Keep Reading]

Self-Care Gifts for You


Summer is in full swing! For me it's flying by a little too swiftly! Summer can be such a lovely time of spending time outdoors, enjoying family and friends, and taking vacations. However, it can also be a time of extra things on your plate. Especially if you have kids that are out of school and are at home with you (either under foot or you're driving them here or there, or having their friends over). Some days may have that "Calgon, take ... [Keep Reading]

Angelic Artwork


I’m so excited to share that I now have giclees on canvas (similar to artist or printer’s proofs) of two of my paintings. The giclee process is a fine art process using high quality inks and dies to match very closely to the original.     These two paintings were painted intuitively; layer upon layer…ever changing and shifting. Even bringing forth healing in me.   Each painting had the following used in the process: Archangel ... [Keep Reading]

Sometimes We Need Active Meditations


Life sure can get busy! And then we can have stress or worries thrown into the mix. That sounds like a great time to use tools that can help us get centered. I'm finally getting a chance to breathe a little after the whole ordeal with my son's accident. (I'm including below the video of a sports TV show piece done on my son and his accident. I'm a proud Mama :-) I find that I'm needing to do things that will "recharge my batteries" and ... [Keep Reading]