Gratitude Gift

At this time of year (celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S.) our thoughts turn to being thankful. Today I am feeling thankful for you (so be sure to continue to the end of this post for a gift) and for a couple of my doctors.

Yesterday I went for my annual physical. I filled my doctor in on what’s been going on this past year and the challenges our family has been through. I admitted that I hoped it had not affected my health too much. I also shared with him that I had used meaningful art processes as well as just relaxing art to help me get through much of it.

I just love having him as my doctor! As I began talking, he moved his chair closer, listened without rushing me, and handed me a tissue when some tears came. He said we’d know more with the examination, but that I had gone into all this being healthy and strong, and that would have helped. But what I really appreciated hearing from him was that he felt my using the “mind/body” connection, with the art and colors and affirmative words, was such a big part of keeping me healthy through all this. And when I shared that I have been thinking of putting together a course using some of the creative and spiritual processes I’ve used for myself, he felt it was a great idea and said that it would be so beneficial for others to do. (I am so thankful to Spirit for this validation!)

So, I’ll share an example of something I did last week. It was super easy, but oh so powerful. The intention for this painting was from my Homeopath having told me that I might use a flower essence for Acceptance. When I got over my resistance to the word Acceptance meaning “accepting” things like being treated unfairly or that sort of thing, I realized it was more of an acceptance of what is meant for me to go through. OK, I can handle that kind of thing. “Bend in the wind so as not to break” kind of acceptance. I started saying this affirmation: “I accept what God has placed on my path…AND I accept all the help I can be given to move through it.”

For the painting, I let a couple paint colors draw my attention. They were pearlescent turquoise and magenta with glitter in it. (I wish you could see the sparkle and the true colors in the photo!) I let my hand move the brush however it wanted, and I found that the “ups and downs” and “sideways” strokes reminded me of how things can be in life…”Doing this and doing that, then something “hits the fan” and things go sideways for a bit.” I painted the words “My path”, “Acceptance”, and “All is well”. Super simple. Super quick. But I love this painting. It holds so much powerful energy in it for me. The uplifting colors, the sparkle, the words that remind me that All is Well. It is infused with the energy of all those things. And it is because I let myself be guided by my Soul with the paints; not caring if the end result was “gallery worthy”.  This type of Soul painting is so powerful, so healing, so uplifting.

I hope you’ll try it sometime!



And on a side note (since I shared in my last newsletter that I was painting a Buddha painting as a gift for my husband and showed the beginning stages) I got it finished just in time before he got home from a business trip! Here is the final painting. It hangs in our entry hall, and I love the calming energy it has for setting the tone for our home.




It has finally hit me that the holidays are really close! Time to start planning, buying gifts, etc. This brought up a twinge of “this is an expensive time of year!” feeling. So, since some of you might be feeling the same, I thought I’d gift you with an Angelic EFT recording on the topic of Abundance (and money worries).  

If you aren’t familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), you can find out how to tap along with the recording by printing out the graphic of the tapping points and/or watching my short 5 minute video on how to do EFT tapping. Click here for my How to Do EFT page or click here to learn more about Angelic EFT.

The recording to tap along with is 13 minutes. You should come away from it feeling more relaxed around abundance, as well as renewing your faith in the abundant Universe we live in.

Click here for the Abundance tapping recording.

(And if you find that you are getting triggered about the holiday season, with either the stress and overwhelm of it all, or about family triggers, etc., you can always schedule a private Angelic EFT session with me. It can be as simple as replying to this email and we can get it set up.)


I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday (if you celebrate it). I am grateful for you!


Angel Hugs,




  1. Absolutely beautiful – and fabulous paintings. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tae Lynne says:

    I’ve dealt with chronic illness for over 9 years now & EFT was one of the things that helped me on my journey to feeling better. I use it for pain as well as overwhelm. Thank you for the recording. And I’m so happy you have a supportive doctor who cares about you & believes in the mind/body connection. <3

    • Maryellen says:

      It’s so wonderful to hear that EFT has helped you during your health challenges! Thank you for sharing that with me.

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