How to excel at being an Affiliate

How to Excel at Being an Affiliate

Aren’t you excited about helping soul-centered women share their unique gifts in a bigger way AND earn extra money from doing it?

You’ve come to the right place to find out how to excel at it!

 I’m so happy to send large payments to Angelic Journeys Affiliates for doing just that! You can use this page as a helpful checklist. It’ll give you the top tools and techniques to becoming a radiant Angelic Journeys Affiliate STAR.

Great Ways To Become An Affiliate Pro by Sharing the Love:

1. Talk it up on your blog. And if you’ve already participated in the Tap into Your Soul’s Calling program, share your process with it, what you learned from it, what you enjoyed most about it, and how you liked working with me. Talk about benefits, benefits, benefits!

2. Shout it out with passion and love in your mailing list newsletter.

3. Tweet about it on Twitter to your tribe. Use your own or just copy and paste our samples.

4. Post on Facebook. Post your enthusiasm about this program and also the sample posts. And don’t forget to share with your friends in the Facebook groups you are part of.

5. Personally email friends, clients or colleagues you think the program would benefit.

6. Interview me about it on your blog.

7. Grab the badge images & sprinkle them everywhere:

  • on your website
  • your blog sidebar
  • your Facebook posts
  • and don’t forget to link them with your Affiliate link!


Tips For Shining Success!

Keep talking about it!

The more people hear different things about something, the more inclined they are to try it out. It’s like forming a friendship… the more you see someone, the more familiar you get. Sharing many times creates more opportunity for them to connect with the program.

Also, people get so busy and forget to get back to looking into something, so additional posts or emails are great reminders!

Mention the Early Bird discounts!

Be sure to post and send emails soon enough so your friends can take advantage of the Early Bird discounts ($200 off till Feb 8th, then $100 off till Feb 14th). Also mention the Early Bird discount.

Participate Yourself and Share!

Customers respond really well to personalized reviews, so you might like to do your own unique sharing.

Sign up for the Tap into Your Soul’s Calling program (your Affiliate earnings could pay for it!) and do a weekly blog about your own experience and progress. Your readers can still sign up after the first call, and can catch up by listening to the recording. You also will have many interested by the end of your blogging about your  journey with the program, which should easily create sign ups for the next session (usually a month or two later).

Add a Little More Sparkle to the Offer!

Offer one of your own digital products or consulting/reading/healing time as a freebie bonus for everyone who signs up for the program.


There are so many possibilities!

Get creative, authentic, generous! And hold the energy of sharing the Light! Remember, the more heart-centered women we have out there uplifting humanity in a sacred feminine way, we will begin to see more miracles and magic happening! Have fun with this and let this be a win-win-win!

Angelic Blessings,