How to find your affiliate link and log in

How do I log in to the affiliate program?

Go to the main menu on and click on the affiliate program tab; then scroll down to the log in window and enter your affiliate ID and password. Click HERE to be taken to the affiliate log in page now.

How do I find my 
affiliate link?

After logging into the affiliate center, you will find your affiliate link (also called a URL) on the home page tab, which is the first screen you come to after logging in.
For example:

You will want to be sure to use your affiliate link in combination with our sample tweets, posts and badges/graphics we have provided in the center (under the Ads tab).

How do I shorten my affiliate link/URL

For use in tweets and posts you can use a URL shortening service like or

Simply copy your affiliate link/url and paste it into the window of the service of your choice and follow the prompts to receive your new shortened URL/Link.

For example:
You also have the option to customize the Vc29cD, in the new shortened link, into a word or clever acronym. Remember keep it short!