Connecting with Your Inner Priestess Kit

Priestess-Med-iPod_250x250Connecting with Your Inner Priestess Kit

We women have a part of us that is wise, powerful, and carries our Sacred Feminine essence. I call this part our “Inner Priestess”.

This kit contains an audio recording of a guided meditation to help you connect with and bring forward the Priestess part of yourself. 

You will also receive a custom-drawn coloring page for you to use to complete the process, and leave you with a powerful touchstone to remind you of your connection and embodiment of your Inner Priestess.



“I love coloring and making art. Combine that with guided visualization and I am in heaven! Taking a break from my busy schedule to “Connect with my Inner Priestess”, I found the guided visualization a perfect amount of time. It was beautifully paced and Maryellen’s voice is so soothing and full of compassion and joy. If you want some coloring, creative fun and the chance to connect to your Inner Priestess, this will be the best $10 you have ever spent!!” ~ Dr. Minette Riordan,