Connecting with Your Inner Priestess and Special Angel Kit-Combo pack

Angel-Med-iPod_250x250Connecting with Your Special Angel Kit

In this kit you will receive an audio recording of a guided meditation and a custom-drawn coloring page.

This gift is designed to help you meet with your special angel and guide you in completing a special Angelic connection. You’ll also create a powerful touchstone that illustrates the special bond you have with your angel.




Priestess-Med-iPod_250x250Connecting with Your Inner Priestess Kit

We women have a part of us that is wise, powerful, and carries our Sacred Feminine essence. I call this part our “Inner Priestess”.

This kit contains an audio recording of a guided meditation to help you connect with and bring forward the Priestess part of yourself.

You will also receive a custom-drawn coloring page for you to use to complete the process, and leave you with a powerful touchstone to remind you of your connection and embodiment of your Inner Priestess.